Sad Mini Moods - Lost with Bambi & Alice
Sad Mini Moods - Lost with Bambi & Alice
The Cats of Conduit

Sad Mini Moods - Lost with Bambi & Alice

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These mini moods are the first in a paired series release!  They are themed for “Lost” and depict two well known scenes where our beloved heroes can’t find their way.

Alice, sitting sorrowfully and crying into her hands, laments on her inability to listen to her own advice.  Lost, she seems to give up, until the Cheshire Cat offers words of advice.

Bambi, after running to the thickets at his mother’s order, finds himself alone when he arrives.  Heartbroken, he calls for her in the silent, snowy field.  It is when his father appears and offers him guidance that he follows with a broken heart.

These pair are hard enamel with black nickel effects.  They are 1.25” tall, have dual pin backings, and are the perfect mini pins for your board!

Edition size: 25

Size: 1.25”

Hard enamel, Screenprint, backing card included.

All sets are A-Grade.